It provides a platform where customers can connect to their local shops. It aims at increasing the interaction between customers and shops in their locality by helping customers book their number on the shop they want to visit. The online booking system saves the customers, increases the sales in shops, and also helps in maintaining social distancing. Customers can also show their support to small businesses by donating them some funds.


Add Shop

To avail all the features offered to shops, shop owner must-


Login/Register on website 5-&-DIME


If your shop/startup/business is not registered under Ministry of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) or Shops and Establishment act, then first register there


Fill required details in the form to register your shop/startup/business on 5-&-DIME


Customer can open the account of any shop which are registered on the website, there he/she can find the current number of customers which are lined up and are yet to visit the shop to buy their required commodities, and the expected time for his turn.

To book a slot at any shop customer will be required to register through his/her phone number and he/she will be provided with a token number.

Registered customers will be notified 15 min prior to their call via sms on the registered phone number; if they don't appear within 20 min at max after they receive the sms then their registration will be cancelled and they will have to take a new token number for shopping.

At a time a customer can register his/her slot on 3 shops (of same type, eg: grocery, parlour etc) at max (this is done to avoid fake registrations)